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YABRR: The Mammoth 30k 2018 Edition

As usual, the important things come first. Thanks to Shellene for putting up with me, thanks to DDR for putting up with Shellene and I, thanks to the RD for putting up with DDR, Shellene and I.

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Since this was a short race (time wise my shortest trail race ever), this might actually be a short race report.

Due to life taking over, we weren't able to make it out to Jorge and Nancy's for the Friday night fun. Instead we were up and out the door by 4:15 (which actually isn't that much earlier than a normal day) for the two hour drive to Glen Rose. We checked in for the race, and hung out until the start. Just before race time it started raining, and I figured that it was going to keep a nice downpour for the race, but it let up right before the start, and only rained occasionally on me during the race.

7:30 and off we went. Since I'm not used to running 30k distances, I didn't have a plan, other than run hard until I couldn't. This meant flying out of the start with Greg and Phil, and then watching them run away from me. This put me in a place that I am quite used to being in, running solo and just chewing up miles of trail. Since it had been raining, and muddy, chewing up the trail was about right.

The river wasn't this fast, but it felt like it was

Prior to the race, there had been some discussion about shoes, and shoe choices. I stuck with my trusty Salomon SpeedCross for this one, and while for the most part it was the right shoe, I'd probably go with the Salomon Sense if I was to run a longer race out here, especially if it wasn't as rainy. While I was able to run the muddy sections easily, the harder lugs made the river crossings a lot slower than I liked. I got passed by one person on my last crossing, and it showed me exactly how much time I lost. The good thing is, I didn't go swimming, or end up doing a mud slide like Nikki either. I had originally planned to run a third loop with Lisa, but when I finished the second they announced that there was a Tornado Warning, and were tearing everything down; so I got changed and we headed home as fast as possible.

The course itself was well marked, and rather enjoyable - even if it didn't hit all the nasty stuff, it did have enough rocks and climbing for me. Also, it doesn't use the Equestrian Loop (although I believe it was marked as their Plan-B if the river had risen too high). The aid stations were water only, and even though I had a drop bag for between loops (in case I needed more food), I had enough on me to not need it (again, not used to such a short race).

Also stolen from race page.

If you are looking for a short distance, no-frills, grass roots race, this would be one I'd recommend.

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