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YABRR: Running the Rose 2019 Edition

Updated: Feb 11, 2019

Cat on the keyboard version.

The author and his human

Well, my people took me to my first real trail race this weekend. I was actually at Bandera, but they had to keep me in the trailer so that one didn't count. It was simply amazing. I got to meet some really cool people, including one member of a sub-species of human - the evil race director. Everyone was so friendly and considerate, they asked before they started adoring me, even when I was a bit stressed due to the new noises, and the sheer number of people. My guess is the RD must put on a good race, since there were so many folks running it. I even spotted a few dogs, but they weren't running (and more importantly, they weren't chasing me).

I prefer the blue carpet, thank you.

During the race itself, I got to see my daddy (adopted of course) run, and he must be really important, everyone went out of their way to make sure that if he needed anything, he got it. Of course, from what I could tell, everyone was just as important, since they were all treated like that at all the aid stations.

On the drive home, it seems only a few things stuck out:

1. Folks must have thought he was a crazy person, as he bombed down hill war-whooping the entire way. They'd be right. 2. He hates running, but the people and atmosphere makes it worth doing (that and the food), and he is eternally grateful for that. 3. He saw a flying squirrel. To me, that has got to be the ultimate toy!

#DogsDroolAndCatsRule #TROT

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