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YABRR: Ouachita Switchbacks 2018 Edition

Updated: Dec 14, 2018

This one should be short, just like my race

We pulled into the Big Cedar Campground (oh oh, me racing near Big Cedar, this could be bad) Friday night to a standard DDR reunion. After packet pickup we were treated to a spaghetti dinner with all the fixins. I'm not sure who brought the breads and salad, but I know Teresa cooked enough spaghetti to feed two armies. More importantly, there was birthday cake and celebratory liquids as we wished Jorge Gonzalez a happy 30th birthday.

Saturday morning it was cold, Shellene and I had opted for the 7AM start, mainly 'cause we wanted to finish early enough to start cooking. Nikki says the Ouachita is where rocks go to die, and I will admit that there were a bunch of them, but they were polite and actually stayed put (unlike the living rocks at Bandera). It was a fun course, lots of climbing and beautiful views. After the race, Shellene and I headed back to get cleaned up, thanks to Elaine for the cabin usage (warmer than the camp shower) and then it was back to the race for me, so I could watch the rest of the group finish.

Dinner that night was a case of disorganization, held in Jorge and Nancy 's RV. Shellene cooked enough food for one army, as did Nash (actually, I think his wife cooked the stew - it was good), Steve (chili) and we still had leftover spaghetti, plus deserts. Anyone who didn't get enough to eat wasn't trying, and there was leftover swapping before folks called it a night.

On the drive home we took the more scenic route, and were rewarded by seeing a Bald Eagle on the side of the road. I thought I saw one on the drive up, but couldn't be 100% certain, but there was no doubt about this one.

All in all, a very good race weekend.

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