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YABRR: Erwin Park 100

Wait, what, Erwin Park 100!

Yes, there was a 100 mile race this week at Erwin Park, staring at 6:30ish AM on 7/10. Entry into the race was even harder than getting into the Barkley - only one person successfully completed the entry process and was allowed to run.

Keeping with the Barkley tradition, there was no mass media announcing who was running, either you knew or you didn't. Until the runners post, I am removing any and all identifying information from my report (Hint: I was not the runner). Unlike Barkley, pacers were allowed, and will also be referred to without proper identification.

Runner, will either be referred to as "Not_Me" or "they", depending on what I type.

Pacers will be RP_1 through RP_4 (there were more, but I didn't interact with them), as well as BS_1 (Bike Support team) and AS (aid station).

The race started sometime, not sure when, since I was at work, and the updates were spotty (no SPOT mapping though), and I headed up to the race site later than I wanted to. I spent part of the time watching the weather, since there were pop-up storms in the area. This caused me to miss joining Not_Me earlier than I was supposed to, as they had headed out for a gravel lap around the park escorted by BS_1. I had a 50/50 chance of meeting them as a ran the gravel, but turned back to make sure I was at the aid station at the right time. When I got back, AS had shown up and was getting organized (up to that point Not_Me was supporting out of their cars).

Not_Me arrived and the crew went to work, starting with a pack refill and a short discussion on a shoe change. Since the weather still looked iffy, the recommendation was to stick with the SpeedCross, in case it really dumped. There was an issue with those shoes affecting their Achilles. We started off Into The Woods (... but home before dark), after a little bit it became "Radio Bryan" as I did my best to keep Not_Me from thinking about the fact that we made a mistake by not changing shoes. It didn't rain, and they were adding pressure to the Achilles. As we were running we got passed by BS_1. The comment was made that we would be doing a shoe change when we got back. One funny moment here, after the bikes had passed us, the runner stepped back and fell (actually sat) due to the trenching on the trail. As we moved onwards, we came to where a DORBA crew was actually taking the trail away and moving it (bloody thieves). This caused an issue, since the race staff had gone out with a micrometer to ensure that the course was exactly 100 miles; no more, no less. I considered taking them to task for what they were doing, but they had chainsaws.

A little while later, we hit a dirt road crossing, and there was BS_1 with a portable aid station. We did a quick shoe change, refilled bottles (it was humid) and continued our merry way. Like Little Red, we didn't make it home before dark, so it was time for me to test my Foxelli out (I intend to use it as my pack light at Ouray), it will do, but not as good as my Icons.

We hit the aid station about when I expected to, and there was a full blown party going on. Pacers, spouses, trash-pandas everywhere. I had done my job, and handed Not_Me off to RP_1 and RP_2, after briefing RP_1 on how Not_Me was doing (going strong, a little concerned that the Achilles tendon was going to become connected to the brain, but that's about it). Since my job was done, I aid some food and headed home.

Yesterday was all about race stalking, as I scanned the race website as often as I could. Yesterday afternoon all involved were rewarded with a finish line video of the runner breaking the (toilet paper) tape and the buckle ceremony. I can now say, that as a pacer I am 2 for 2, with both my runners winning their races.

I can't wait until "Century In The Sewer"!

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